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Switzerland is a quiet oasis at the crossroads of Europe ranking in the Top Ten of the world’s safest countries on our planet. Security measures are ...
meticulously taken by the Swiss government. Switzerland has one of the most stable currencies and economies in the world. The supervising authority, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) of Switzerland has established tight rules for FinTech companies and their payment applications. The FINMA is constantly enhancing its regulatory framework to safely onboard clients via digital channels (e.g. video and online identification), to identify the beneficial owner of the funds and enforce the anti-money laundering and anti-terror financing due diligence requirements.


Safety and security is the foundation on which we build our payment app. Our app does not store transaction information on your phone. To access your ...
information you have to be connected to our server and logged in. To ensure identification we use multi- or two-factor identification. Each time you make a transaction, your phone sends two pieces of information to the payment station, a one-time code generated by your phone’s encryption key and a 16-digit code of your card. This lets your transaction to be as private as possible. In case you lose your phone, you haven’t lost any money or private information. All is safely stored on our well-protected Swisscom servers. By using your existing password you are ready again as soon as you have downloaded our app again on your new phone. You can use Android Device Manager to lock or locate a lost or stolen cell phone by going to You can do the same for an iPhone by going to


Use Strong Password Protection. A strong password is one of the best ways to protect your phone and your eWallet. Don't ignore some of the other security features offered on the latest phones. Features like facial recognition, iris scan, and fingerprint unlock can be even more secure than a password or PIN. Also make sure you're not carrying an unlocked phone and use your phone carrier's cellular network or your home's password-protected Wi-Fi rather then a public Wi-Fi network.



With Mogli you can manage your private payments easily via your phone. Not only to any other eWallet user but also to make IBAN Bank transfers.


With Mogli you can pay your employees on a world wide basis or your customers can pay for your products or services where ever they are located.
You want your own payment solution with your branding?
We offer white label solutions for different kinds of businesses. Airlines, cruise ship companies, hotels, web stores to name some.

Show Cases

Bring order into your payments and manage them with Mogli
  • E-wallet transfers with Mogli app


    Serve the needs of your clients based on reliable data in a focused manner.


    Get your brand on your eWallet and get your hand around your client payments.

    Get rid of hidden & excessive fees.


    Connect your accounting with your payments.
  • BAAS

    Enter the FinTech world with a partner that is operating one the world’s fastest development rule engine and get help with your project.
    • payments in CHF & EUR with a partner that is connected to SIC
    • on-line on-boarding
    • AML risk evaluation & rating
    • chat bot
    • with your document scanning, reading and semantic understanding



How to use Mogli

Using the Mogli app is easy. Its sleek and intuitive interface caters for a steep learning curve. The quick overview should give you a head start. If you need more in depth help check the user manual.

Q & A

When can I connect my accounting to the MOGLI app?

Currently we are testing the Beta Version of MOGLI in a closed circle of family, friends and fans by invitation only.

What do you do exactly in you merchant program?

We collect date the client data for the merchant so he can efficiently tailor and his marketing campaigns while focussing on the specific needs of each different client segment. It’s also a perfect ‚up selling‘ tool for every merchant.

How do I save money as a merchant or as a WebShop while using MOGLI?

If your clients do not pay with a Credit Card but with MOGLI you save about 1.2% on your VISA or Mastercard or 3% on your American Express interchange fee. Instead you pay MOGLI a fee of about 0.6%
You want to know more or want to become a partner? Get in touch with us - we would love to now more about your needs!
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